Terms and rules

The administration of the project ("service") is not responsible for any in-game restrictions you may have for using the private software.

All content that you add, upload, or otherwise submit to the service may be reviewed by members of the forum team. All content that you add or upload may be sent to third-party review services (including but not limited to spam prevention services). Do not add content that you consider private or confidential.

You agree not to use this site to send or distribute any content that is defamatory, offensive, hateful, threatening, spamming or similar. Content that may be offensive, contain adult or other objectionable content, contain personal information about others, expose you to copyright infringement, encourage illegal activity, or otherwise violate any laws. You are solely responsible for the content and any harm caused by it or your conduct.

We may remove or modify any content added at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice. Requests to remove or modify content will only be considered at our discretion. We may deny you access to all or any part of our service at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

Use of the service is subject to terms of agreement, which you must read.
1. By registering on the site or purchasing goods, with subsequent use of these goods, the user of the service (hereinafter - the user) is considered familiar with and agrees with the terms of use of the service.
2. Ignorance of conditions of the agreement does not release from the responsibility.

IMMORTAL service:
1. related to the site and service IMMORTAL content (including goods) is intended for personal non-commercial use without publication, transfer and exchange.
2. circumvention, removal, alteration, deactivation, deterioration or violation of the protection of the content in the service, as well as decompiling, reverse engineering and disassembling of any software and other products or processes is prohibited.

Basic rights and responsibilities:
1 The administration of the IMMORTAL project (hereinafter - the administration) is not responsible for improper use of the service.
2. This site, all the information and materials contained here are presented on an "as is" basis. The administration and partners of the project are not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or other kind of damage (including any kind of blocking) from the use or inability to use the purchased goods, as well as the materials or functionality of this site.
4. With arising questions about the purchase and operation of goods the user has the right to turn to technical support.
5. The administration reserves the right to block any subscription, key or account due to violation of terms of agreement without explanation. When blocking the account, its owner has the right to contact technical support.

HWID Binding and License Reset:
1. After activating the key in the software loafer, the key is bound to your computer. You can not transfer / resell your key to another user without the approval of the project administration. For the transfer of your key to a third party - the key will be canceled.
2. You may request a free license reset in the following cases:
- you changed your OS.
- You used a third-party spofer during key activation.
- An error on our side.
3. If you want to give your already activated key to someone else, you will have to pay 100 rubles.
P.S. In the case if your key has not been activated you can pass it on to third parties.

1. Refunds are available in cases where:
- the software subscription has not been activated;
- purchased product does not work from the first launch. Verified by the administration personally.
2. Product is NOT refunded if:
- if the version of OS on the user's PC does not meet the requirements of the product, you can reinstall your OS to a suitable one and get a time refund. refund in this case is NOT made; - the user purchased the wrong product;
- the operation of the purchased software has been suspended for some or indefinite period of time for some reason;
- the user has purchased the software but has violated the terms of use previously;
- the software Launcher was attempted to be reverse engineered;
- The user tried to use the product on someone else's computer when visiting, at a computer club or other similar places;
3. Compensation can be made only if the administration considers it necessary.

General rules for communicating on the forum / Discord / Telegram:
1. Strictly prohibited sale of game keys, hyfts, accounts, etc. things (exceptions only with the permission of the administration)
2. Resale / exchange between users already active subscriptions is forbidden.
3. Links to other Discord servers, websites, Vkontakte groups, etc. are forbidden.
4. Discussing and/or mentioning third party projects is forbidden.
5. All advertising content is forbidden, except with the permission of the Administration.
6. Be respectful of other community members.
7. It is forbidden to insult (in any form) the Administration / Users / Community Guests (User will be blacklisted, keep your emotions to yourself).
8. It is forbidden to sell anything in chat.
9. Forbidden to discuss the technical part/bugs of the software in general chat, there is technical support for this.
10. Discussion of Political/Religious topics is forbidden.

Let's respect each other and the site where you and other members come to play and chat. The site administration reserves the right to remove comments or parts of comments if they do not comply with these requirements.

If you violate the rules you may be given a warning. In some cases you will be banned without warning. Contact the administrator regarding ban removal.

Insulting admins or moderators is also punishable by a ban - respect the work of others.

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use the Service. Use of the Service constitutes acceptance of these terms. If you wish to close your account, please contact us.


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